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They Did What?

Throughout history people of all cultures and social statuses have done some odd, and sometimes disturbing practices to achieve their society’s standards of beauty. In China, they bound the feet of their women to make their feet dainty and small. In France during the times of Louis the XVI, men and women wore wigs adorned with all kinds of oddities and applied makeup laden with lead. Others drank gold to achieved lasting beauty and others are rumored to bathe in the blood of virgins. Cosmetic dentistry is a fairly new area of dental practice. However, the ancients did apply their hand at dental care and aesthetics.

Ancient People Wanted White Teeth Too

It is recorded that even as far back as 700 B.C. that peoples were attempting to make dentures. This only makes sense as dental care seemed to be limited if not non-existent for many ancient cultures. However, the ancient Egyptians and Romans did practice some dentistry. Egyptians used gold to make crowns and bridges and it seems that they also had a form of toothpaste. The ancient Romans also were paying attention to their teeth as well. To whiten them they used their own urine — gross! Though the urine was effective, we are certainly glad that we don’t have to resort to such means to have the pearly whites that we want.

Medieval Times — Cut Your Hair & Ruin Your Teeth   

During Medieval times the dental care was left to barbars. Yes, you could get your haircut and your dental issues addressed by the same person! However, the dental care, as you probably assume was quite lacking. Whitening was attempted. However, their whitening method completely ruined the person’s teeth as well. Also, during this time, they tried to use the teeth of the dead to “fill in the gaps” of a person’s smile. However, the person’s body usually rejected the teeth.

Dental Enlightenment

With the Age of Enlightenment came an enlightened age of dental work. Though they still struggled to find a material that the body would not reject, they began to make dentures and other dental features out of porcelain and ivory. They also began to use plaster molds as a means of creating dentures that would comfortably fit their patients’ mouths.

Throughout the years, dental practices continued to develop into what dental practices and cosmetic dentistry we have today. To learn more about the history of dentistry, stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts! If you are interested in improving your smile, speak with our cosmetic dentist in Wesley Chapel today!