Welcome to the Mystic Oaks Family and Cosmetic Dentistry blog! In our last post, we gave you five reasons to go to the dentist that you may not of first thought of:

  • Oral cancer detection
  • Health problems hidden under the surface
  • Head, neck and lymph node check-ups
  • Keeping bad habits in check
  • Plaque build-up & gum disease

It’s easy to take good oral health for granted and it can be easy to skip dental appointments because dental health issues don’t manifest themselves until they have greatly progressed. However, your oral health and the care that your dentist provides can greatly affect other areas of your health.

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5 Ways Plaque Affects Your Health

Plaque can significantly affect your oral health, as well as the health of your entire body. Though brushing your teeth and flossing may seem like just steps to your daily hygiene routine, they can have serious implications on your entire body.

Affects Your Dental Health

Plaque is constantly forming — plaque is the sticky substance that develops on your teeth which, if not removed, hardens and becomes tartar that can damage your teeth. It is important to remove plaque because it allows acids and other destructive elements found in our foods to stick to our teeth and break down your tooth enamel. Allowing plaque to build up — not brushing your teeth, flossing, or seeing the dentist regularly — can lead to gum disease, also called  gingivitis.

Gingivitis manifests as swollen and bleeding gums due to infection. Because the gum tissue is compromised, it eventually pulls away from the teeth, allowing bacteria and other destructive elements to have access to the bone that supports your teeth. If the bone is weakened it can lead to loose and, eventually, lost teeth — and nobody wants that!

Causes Other Diseases

It isn’t just your oral health that can be compromised by plaque build-up. Other parts of your health can be affected as well.

Heart Disease

Scientists and doctors have found a link between the plaque that develops on our teeth and that which causes cardiac blockages and poor heart health. They even say that poor dental health can heighten patient’s risk for heart attacks!


Those who suffer from diabetes are at a greater risk for gingivitis; since diabetics are more prone to infections they have a greater chance for oral infections as well.


A link between poor oral health and dementia has also been found. Those with periodontal problems scored lower on memory tests and had more difficulty performing daily tasks. Plaque build-up could lead to mild cognitive impairment.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Though researchers didn’t find that RA or gingivitis caused one or the other, they did find that once patients addressed their periodontal issues that they experienced less discomfort — less pain, swelling, and morning stiffness.

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