It’s time to start the new year and it’s also that time of year when we all take some time to reevaluate what we have been doing and see what habits we want to keep and those that we want to kick to the curb. Many of us set resolutions that have something to do their health, whether it be getting back into shape and dropping some holiday pounds or just eating more greens. But why not set a resolution for your teeth? 

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3 Reasons Why You Should Set a Dental Resolution

Many of us want to finally drop a few or more pounds — this can definitely help us get healthier. However, creating better dental habits could help propel you toward the resolutions you are setting and here’s how. 

Your Dental Affects the Rest of Your Health

Your dental health affects your overall health. In several of our past blog posts, we talk about just that such as The Diabetes-Gingivitis Connection; your gum health can actually help with insulin levels. Also, gingivitis a form of inflammation can affect your body’s ability to control it’s blood sugar levels — it can exacerbate the issue. Additionally, poor oral health can affect your heart health, your disposition for dementia, increase discomfort with rheumatoid arthritis. Even if you don’t suffer from chronic health issues or disease, having good dental health can help to set you up for good health the rest of your life. 

You Are Setting Yourself Up For Life

Some people are genetically predisposed for good oral health and others are not. However, everyone needs to invest in taking care of their teeth and gums. Many larger issues — more costly dental procedures — begin as small, easy-to-treat problems. For example, proper dental health can help you easily avoid a cavity which can turn into a larger more painful procedure later such as a root canal if it isn’t dealt with right away. 

It May Help You Reach Other Goals

If you want to have better health, then it’s time to invest in your dental health. As we’ve discussed, the connection is clear. It’s easy to forget about taking care of your teeth unless it is getting them whitened to look and feel their best — we can help you with that too! However, don’t forget about the basics: brushing, flossing, and your yearly checkup. These will help your teeth look good and can help them to last as long as you need them. 

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