They Truly Care

Originally, I was told that I needed multiple root canals and might not be able to save my teeth. I did not have dental insurance and could not afford to pay for these expensive procedures. Upon arriving to Mystic Oak family dentistry, Dr. Sarwan Took x-rays of my teeth and looked at them personally. She was so informative and gave me all of the information I needed. She was able to save my teeth with just doing fillings and not even root canals. I trust her 100%!! This was one of the best experiences that I have ever had with the dentist, and is not always easy going to see this type of doctor. Not to mention, get prices are awesome! Dr. Sarwan’s staff might be the nicest people you will ever meet on top of it all. Sasha even took time out of her day to call me and make sure I was feeling okay. I can’t recommend this office more!!!

Ashley H.